2022 Survival Kit

Natural Roots NYC

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Looking for a way to keep yourself healthy this year? Look no further than our 2022 survival kit! This bundle includes everything you need to help keep yourself healthy. Our chest rub can help clear congestion and help you get a good night's sleep, immune support tincture, anti viral tea blend can help relieve coughs, support immune system, helps to keep a virus from replicating  and congestion.  Plus an on the go handwash that's perfect for keeping your hands clean when you're out and about.. Each of these products are made with natural ingredients and has been specifically chosen to help support your immune system. So why wait? Order your Survival Kit today!

Immunitea tincture 2 oz

Viral blaster tea 1 oz

Germ buster hand wash 2 oz

Breath of life chest rub 2 oz