Golden Lotus Steams

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Welcome to the yoni steam hub where you will get your custom blend & plan! Once you place your order you will receive a link to choose your blend.  Please read info below to get the most out of your steam.  Blend will vary based on cycle length, what you are experiencing, infections etc

What is yoni steaming?

Yoni steaming is the ritual of sitting or squatting over a steaming bowl/pot of herbs that has many benefits to womb and vaginal health!

Steaming ok:

IUD, hot flashes, infections, birth control, hysterectomy, nuva ring/ pressary(remove prior)


better cycles, more lubrication, increased fertility, increased libido,emotional balance, PMS relief, PH balance, immunity, digestion, toning uterus after childbirth, cysts, hpv, fibroids, tumors, tight and lifted vaginal area


* on menstrual or bleeding at all , even if a tiny bit (3 days after cycle finished is usually ok)

* pregnant, unless at end days

* trying to conceive

* having spontaneous bleeding(unless its been 3+ months with no spontaneous bleeding)


burning itch, uterine ablation, tubal coagulaiton, some birth controls(nexplanin&essure)