Refreshing Honey Cleanser

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Give your hair that luscious, smooth, and soft feel! Feel the difference when you use a blend of natural and gentle ingredients that will definitely make your hair sway as you move! Start using the CoCo Conditioning Cleanser and you won’t be able to stop people from trying to touch your tresses!


IT DOES NOT JUST CLEAN IT ALSO CONDITIONS allowing your scalp to feel fresh and clean after every use!

USING ALOE VERA AND COCO BETAINE  it creates a great smooth  low lather while leaving your hair feeling smooth and looking shiny!


What are you waiting for? Start adding this conditioning cleanser to your daily routine now!


Ingredients:  Water, Aloe Vera, CocoBetaine, Decyl Glucoside, Sulfosuccinate, Honeyquat, Avocado Oil, Panthenol, Glycine Betaine(Beta vulgaris(Beet)) Sugar Extract, Citric acid, Silk Protein, Irish Moss, Babassu Oil, Vegetable Glycerin,Phenoxyethanol, GoodVibes


What It Does

Cleans without stripping