5 Easy Ways To Maintain Moisture

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Moisture is one of the main keys to having great hair.  If you have the proper moisture balance you will have less breakage.  I will share some of my personal favorite ways to maintain that moisture in your curly locks!


1.  Water, Water, Water- Drink up!  It's great when you moisturize from the from inside out. Also spritz hair with it between washes.  You can add oil or aloe juice.


2.  Protective styling-  Limit wearing your hair out especially if it's at the length that it can touch your clothing.  Try to do more twists or braid styles, especially when very hot or cold outside.  If you wear hats that are wool or knitted be sure to have you satin scarf on prior.


3. Washing/Cleansing-  Cleansing your hair once weekly lets your hair soak up water that also penetrates hair shaft. It also helps to make hair softer and more flexible.


4.  Moisturizing Creams-  Be sure to use any creams first before applying your oil, if doing the L.O.C method.  Moisturizers may be water based or oil based.  Do this a couple times a week to start and see how hair responds.


5.  Deep Conditioning-  Deep condition at least once weekly.  Deep conditioning helps to strengthen hair and also help with moisture.  Use one that's labeled as a deep conditioner.


If you haven't already implemented any of these feel free to try!  How do you usually maintain moisture in your hair?




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