About Us

  We have always been passionate about a natural lifestyle.  Using conventional products didn't seem to work or do very much.  So, we decided to make our own products for ourselves!  First thing that was noticable was the quality and actual results.  Now we can share the gift with our new friends.... YOU!

discover the difference nature makes

Natural ingredients make a difference!  Preservatives are great to extend shelf life, but may not great for your body in the long run actually.  They can cause irritation, rashes or even long term health issues if overused.  Give your body a break from preservatives when you can.   By comparison the products would have a shorter lifespan than conventional products. Most items are good for 6months.

This is why we do small batches :)

100% made with care & TLC

We care about each jar and each bottle of product that we send out.  Most of the big boy and girl corporations are mass produced ( which is fine), but having some personal touch to products you wear on your body is a different vibration.  Human to human connections.  The intention that goes into our products is that you enjoy, love your purchase, makes your soul sing and that you just feel plain good while using our hair & body creations on your temple!

never tested on animals

We are avid animal lovers, so not going anywhere near any animals, unless it's something especially made for them!

Plus our pets would give dirty looks...and we don't want that :)