9 Ways I Maintain Length

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9 Ways I Maintain Length

What is length retention anyway?

Length retention is when you maintain the length of hair that you have by not having breakage. Some curlies say they do so much , but their hair doesn’t seem to grow! Length retention is what needs to be addressed.

Maintaining length can include techniques and add ons to your regiment. This will help to keep hair from breaking and you can then actually see that your hair is doing well.

Here’s the top ways that I do this:

    1.  Trim ends along with moon phase(around new moon)

  1.  No heat to dry, I air dry
  2.  Moisturize daily with leave in and shea hair cream
  3.  Wear protective styles
  4.  Use L.O.C. method
  5.  Limit fiddling in hair daily
  6.  Usage of a wide tooth comb to avoid pulling strands
  7.  Using a mild cleanser such as our coco conditioning hair cleanser
  8.  Use essential oil blend and our herbal growth pomade on scalp

I hope you received some clarity and picked up some new ideas. These tips can to keep your hair moisturized so that your hair stays on your head and out of the drain!

So, how do you maintain your length?


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