Benefits Of Using Nature Based Products

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These days many people are deciding to use nature based hair and body products.  Some people do it to be kind to the environment. Some people have skin sensitivities or want better results from the products. 
These are some common reasons and ideas why nature knows best!
1.  Nature based products are generally milder.
2.  Natural products won't strip your hair of natural oils.
3.  Nature based products can actually help repair your hair over time. With nature based products, you will actually see results.
4. They are safer for skin and scalp especially if you have sensitive skin
5. They are better for the environment.  Some ingredients and additives aren't great for the ocean and sea life.  Such as the little beads in some body washes.
6. No harsh chemicals such as parabens, (which can disrupt hormones). No sulfates (which strip hair like sls)
7. Plain and simple nature based products give better results, without risking your life!
We are:
-Nature based           -Cruelty free
-No SLS                     -Non GMO
-Made in USA             -Paraben Free
-Sulfate free
Why did you make the switch from conventional to nature?


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