Growth Vs. Length Retention

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Many curlies get length retention and growth confused or think they are interchangeable.  Let's clear the air on this today!

Length retention is all about maintaining and keeping the hair that you are growing/have grown.  If you hair is constantly breaking at the ends you will always feel like your hair isn't growing. Growth is the actual process of hair coming from the follicle. You can possibly have plenty growth but not see it because you have NO length retention. Your hair grows 1/4" to 1/2" a month. The ideal is to have both but length retention is very important. Here's some things that can help you maintain length and also get some growth!

  • Moisture, more moisture & moisturize!
  • do pre poo with coconut oil to help with protein loss during washing
  • steam
  • cowash in between washes
  • LOC method
  • Deep condition 1/2x per week
  • trim ends regularly
  • multivitamins
  • herbs(nettle, horsetail, sage, rosemary etc)
  • protective styling
  • limit heat
  • protect and moisturize ends
  • healthy diet
  • drink water

Go ahead and try some of these techniques out to help keep your growth on your head so you can see the fruits of your labor!

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