How I maintain moisture in my hair

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How I maintain moisture in my hair

Moisture is a huge deal for natural hair, so it should be a very important part of your regiment. It will make or break your hair if there's not enough.

Here's my basic and most of the time things I do to maintain moisture (unless I'm having a lazy feeling week that is!)

Step1. I will usually wash with our coco conditioning cleanser.

Step 2. I will follow this up with deep conditioning once in that week. I leave our deep Rhasaoul conditioner on for about 40 minutes. It could be longer like an hour (because of a certain 4 year old haha).

Step 3. After this I follow up with our coco conditioning leave in.

Step 4.  Shea hair cream to lock in moisture and add shine.

Step 5.  Finally our rose oil to finish it off.

As far as styling, I wear a protective twist style, high bun or 2 twists going back. about 2 days out of the week I will wear twist out. I will repeat this the next week most likely. Every morning I'll also spritz twists with our moist hair dew. This helps to moisten for the day and it also straightens out any crooked twists.

A shorter version, when I don't have the time is:

Step 1.  Apply our herbal hair mask, since it cleans and conditions. Leave on about 20-30 minutes.  Rinse.

Step 2.  Add coco conditioning leave in.

Step 3.  Apply shea hair cream and rose oil.

Voila! My hair is soft shiny and ready to twist up.

How do you maintain moisture in your curls?


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