Ph...What is it and why it's important for your hair?

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P.H. and Why does my hair care?

P.h is the measure of hydrogen in a solution.  It's the most abundant element in the universe!  Hydrogen is a component of water,  hydrogen puts the H in H2O.  In other words it determines whether something is acidic or basic/alkaline.  In general our skin and hair is acidic and internally there are alkaline and acidic parts.  Different parts of the intestine are acid and alkaline to aid digestion.  Acidity on skin is a protection mechanism. Ph ranges from 0 to about 14.  At the 7 ph  a solution is considered neutral.  Any value lower than 7 is acidic over 7 is alkaline.  Most bacteria grow in ph of 5-8.

 So, hair and skin are about ph 4.5 and 5.5.  Your products should be ph balanced.  If you use products that are too alkaline you will be opening your hair shaft.  You will also be losing precious moisture.  This will cause tangles, frizz and eventually breakage.  If you have high porosity hair you definitely need ph balanced no question.  Your cuticle should be pretty closed for healthy hair. Now, if you have low porosity you will benefit from slightly alkaline so you can open up your cuticle. 

Hair that has the right ph should be smooth, minimal frizz and shiny, this shows a nice flat healthy cuticle.  Relaxers and some hair colors are ph of 10-14!  That's a wide open vulnerable cuticle.

Aloe and apple cider vinegar mixed with water are acidic and great to add to bring ph down.  Baking soda is alkaline.  As curly girls we need ph balanced products. 



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