Seasonal Allergies

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It's that time of year!  What's going on?  Seasonal allergies (play sad music)

Allergies can happen when your immune system overreacts to a foreign substance.

Your immune system will start making antibodies, that identify a particular allergen as harmful, even though it isn't. 

Cause may be:

Immune deficiency - low vitamin D - toxins in liver- depending how well you treated yourself in the winter may determine how your allergies will be.

Allergies can:

 inflame your skin



 digestive system.

Allergies are usually treated with: antihistamines

Antihistamine side effects

Dry mouth                                    Thickening of mucus

Dizziness                                        feeling nervous or irritable

Drowsiness                                   upset stomach

Trouble peeing                             headache

Blurry vision

Weight gain

Organs Responsible for allergy symptoms





Some Herbs That Can Support You

Dandelion- liver support and detox

Astragalus- immune support

Nettle-  ↓ inflammation & histamines

Hydrangea- kidney support                   

Mullein- lung support & inflammation

Cascara Sagrada- constipation       

Peppermint- ↓ inflammation - opens pathways

How do you deal with seasonal allergies?




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