Why so concerned about curl type??

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Greetings Curlfriends!  This is something that has started to grind my gears.  What's that you ask?
It's hair typing!!! (Cue mysterious suspenseful music)
Sure it's cool to see what they call your type of curl, but it doesn't seem to go much further.  It doesn't seem very useful as far as the health, maintenance and happiness of your kinks, curls n coils.... It also causes more divisions, which have proven to be negative.  One feeling superior to the next.  Like the 3a's feel like that they have an upper hand over the 4a's and so on ugh.
Truthfully, I think that hair porosity should be in the spotlight more. Porosity looks more important since that will affect the products you use. Porosity has more effect on the quality of your hair!  Wouldn't you rather know if you have high porosity which gets dried out more often. Or if you have low porosity that doesn't moisturize well at all?  Using lighter vs. heavy products?  Knowing this is more valuable than they type of curl. We all know the curlier the more moisture you will need, we get it......so let's take it a step further with porosity. We will dive into all the different types of porosity in a later post.
Are you caught in the hair typing web?


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