Essential Oils Roll On

Choose from a variety of options!  All in a base of sweet almond oil Immune... ..


Bulk Herbs

Size 1 oz. Calendula - nourishes skin, eczema, digestive issues, ulcers, wounds, dry skin, acne,... ..


Oshuns Love Elixir

This elixir will put the fire back in your desire! A powerful blend of herbs... ..


Viral Blaster Tea

Anti Viral.  Expectorant.  Bronchial Dilator Blend Helps release mucus, relieve cough, soothe throat & membranes... ..


No Drama Tea

Blend to promote relaxation. Also helps with anxiety, stress & insomnia. Ingredients:  Kava Kava, Lemonbalm,... ..


Natural Hand Sanitizer (3 pack)