Breath of Life Chest Rub 2 Oz

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Cough?  Cold? Congestion? No problem.  Breath of Life chest rub is a potent blend of natural herbs and essential oils that promote respiratory health when you need it.

Includes eucalyptus and mullein which will help release congestion and bring easier breathing, anitiseptic and stimulates the immune system. Lavender will help you get good rest and is also antiviral.  Breath of Life also includes an essential oil blend that includes sugi essential oil with its fresh calming scent that relaxes and helps boost the immune system. 

This rub is also great for helping sore/stiff muscles and joints!

Massage small amount as needed on  different areas: chest, back, throat, feet and/or under nose.  

Wash hands after use due to the menthol. Keep away from eyes.

  • relieves congestion

  • calms coughs

  • relaxing

  • soothing

  • use on muscles

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