Aloe Vera For Natural Hair

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Aloe Vera is a great humectant for natural hair. A humectant helps create a protective layer on your curls to help with moisture retention.  Used properly, aloe can also provide a light hold for hair, help with scalp issues like dandruff and itch and also strengthen hair. Works well for high porosity hair.


  • anti-inflammatory actions that may help reduce scalp irritation

  • moisturizing effect

  • enzyme and fatty acid  help reduce inflammation

  • vitamins C, E, B-12, folic acid, and choline can help nourish and strengthen hair

Since all good things have their limits aloe has a few drawbacks.  Aloe is best used weekly and sparingly. Aloe can cause hygral fatigue, hair stiffness and buildup.  Can cause hair to be dry when used in excess causing breakage.  Due to buildup you may need to use a harsh cleanser to remove it.

Aloe can be a great addition but don't over use.  Some ways to add to your regimen is to mix some aloe with oils of your choice. For example aloe with coconut oil as a rinse out mask. Aloe, yogurt and honey to help with dandruff. Masks can be left on 30 minutes then rinsed.

Product Recommendations:

Moist Hair Dew (Hair Refresher)

Refreshing Honey Cleanser

Detox Hair Mask


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