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All About Silicones!

What are they?

They are a colorless oil or rubber like substance made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

What do they do for hair?

They can help hair to be heat resistant, reduce oxidation from UV from the sun. 

They also put a thin waterproof coating on your hair that: keeps water out which will reduce frizz, heat protection, adds shine, aids lubrication/slip.

Usually silicones end with cone, oxane, cocol,peg, ppg.

There good and not so great silicone to choose from: Non cyclic & cyclic.

Non  Cyclic silicones  are a better option but you will need to clarify after a while of use.  Amodimethicone and dimethicone are two types of cyclic silicones.  Cyclic aren't very good for you they can cause reproductive harm, endocrine issues, bad for the environment and are even restricted in the Eu and Canada. Cyclomethicone is one cyclic silicone to look out for.

What curlies need to know about using silicones:

*can cause dryness

*possible buildup

Cyclomethicone doesnt buildup but its harmful & amodimethicone evaporates very quickly so you won't get alot of benefit.  Dimethicone will smooth frizz and doesn't evaporate quickly and you won't need sulfate shampoo to remove.

These types need more conditioning. Sulfate shampoo. Makes buildup. Blocks moisture and can dry hair out:

Behenoxy Dimethicone

Cetyl Dimethicone

Stearyl Dimethicone

In conclusion silicones aren't a horrible addition to your hair care arsenal and routine.  You have to just make sure you are choosing the proper type of silicone that you can tolerate and the care that come with it.  If you have low porosity hair, you probably should stay away from them altogether.  If you have high porosity silicones can help fill in the damaged gaps in your hair shaft, helping with damage.

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